EFA Annual and Sustainability Report

Egg Farmers of Alberta 2014 Annual Report and Sustainability Report. EFA was looking to develop their brand. They had a logo but to date, many of their pieces were developed independently and didn't feel like a unified brand. William Joseph provided EFA with a revitalized look and feel that would work across all of their new marketing materials. When I joined this project, the basic bones had been developed so it was up to me to expand on the initial concept and develop it into finished pieces. With input from the rest of the creative team at William Joseph, these final pieces were created. Jason Miller - Creative Director Kris Koppel - Associate Creative Director Terrin Kaminsky - Art Director Erin Ryan-Walsh - Copywriter

Egg Farmers of Alberta 2014 annual report and sustainability report
Annual report spreads
Sustainability report unfolding sequence
Sustainability report inside spread
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